About Me

There isn't much to say. I like designing useless websites that look cool, playing video games, and listening to electronic/jazz music.

But if for some reason you'd like to know more about that kind of stuff, this is a page where you can do that.

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ninjabou.neocities.org — This is this website, wowee!

ninjabou.github.io — This was my original personal site.

Video Games I Like

Final Fantasy 14 — I've sunk way too much time into this game (800+ hours). It is an MMO, but it has a pretty decent story and very fun combat. It is the only MMO that I have actually wanted to continue playing after trying it.

Taiko no Tatsujin — Drumming rhythm game. Linked is a fan-made web version, which is actually pretty comparable to an official game, though you might want to consider better versions if you want to improve. Please observe one of my full combos.

Risk of Rain 2 — Hectic 3rd Person Shooter. As enemy spawns increase over time, you need to gather items that provide various buffs that will stack on each other. It can be very challenging, and is better with friends.

Persona 5 — The best "traditional" RPG I've ever played. Combat is extremely tactile, despite being turn-based. It has an amazing aesthetic and soundtrack. It is very long, though. A typical save file will end the game at 100+ hours.

Pokemon — You probably already know what Pokemon is. Played every generation except for 3 and 8. I have the most nastolgia for generations 1 and 4, but I also thought 7 was very good. My favorite pokemon is either Chandelure or Alolan Raichu.

VRChat — While it is filled with a bunch of people who just ERP, it also has a ton of people who just want to talk. Very fun to learn about other people and explore strange user-generated worlds. While it can be played without a VR headset, playing with a VR headset is the true experience, in my opinion.

Music I Like

Since mostly use spotify for music, my favorite songs are from a ton of different artists. Because of this, I dont really feel like listing every song I've listened to. Instead, check out STAFFCirc, which is a series of compilation albums that I think deserve more attention.

Cool People (and me)